February 2012

What's your favorite dolphin movie?

Seeing dolphins swim during a show is a great experience, but let’s face it- it’s not something you’re going to do several times a week. So what do you do in between that time to get your dolphin fix? Mine is quite simple, watch a dolphin movie! There are quite a few different dolphin movies out there- some better than others. My favorite dolphin movie would certainly have to be ‘A dolphin tale’ which is to my knowledge one of the newest out there.

Dolphin mating habits

We all know that many animals have some of the strangest mating habits and dolphins are not an exception. The male dolphins actually become very competitive and aggressive during mating system. While they are normally friendly towards each other, mating season changes them in this way. This is because the males are competing, hoping to win the female dolphin.. much like other animals and what seems to be even humans at times.

Dolphins unique personality

Most people know that dolphins are a highly intelligent sea creature. Their intelligence makes them a common star at water shows and a friend to many trainers. Of all the mammals in the sea, the dolphin has the most unique and caring personality. Their friendly and curious personality is the main reason as to why they are constantly being put in dangerous situations such as getting caught up in fishermen nets.

Things you may not know about dolphins

We all know that dolphins are just super cute sea creatures. But, what else do you really know about them? There are many different interesting facts that play a part in as to why dolphins are the best in the entire sea. For instance, did you know that the first generation dolphins, about 50 million years ago, lived on land and looked similar to the wolf? Yes it’s true. The animal hunted in shallow water and as it became more adapt to life in the water, the paws became flippers and so on.