July 2012

Big Miracle

This moving story is a great family film.

We have been renting a lot of family films lately since it has been so hot outside, and while a couple of them were duds, others have been real winners. I’ve already written about how much we enjoyed We Bought a Zoo, a film I wouldn’t mind watching again; today I’d like to recommend another animal-related film that we watched just last night, Big Miracle.

Big Miracle is the story of three whales—a family dubbed Fred, Wilma, and Bam Bam by the locals—trapped beneath the ice in Alaska. The trio were stuck because temperatures froze earlier than usual, before they were able to escape, and as the ice closed around them, they faced certain death in a matter of days.

Based on a true story, the rescue of these whales started as a Greenpeace concern but quickly turned to a huge crusade featuring local Eskimo people, reporters, politicians, and even the military—both from the United States as well as Russia. It was a really gripping account at how so many became involved—for so many different reasons—yet how, by the end, a common cause united them and they were all able to find compassion for the creatures by the end of the film. (Spoiler alert to follow.)