October 2012

Dolphin Tale

This family film is so much fun. Your kids will love it—and so will you!

We saw Big Miracle a few months ago, and while I liked it, it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. It was a better movie for adults to appreciate than for kids. As it was released around the same time as Dolphin Tale—which was marketed as a kids’ movie—I suppose I just made the connection myself.

Our homeschool groups vehemently supported the film, which made me wary of it initially since one group is pretty religious. I don’t care for Bible-thumping movies, despite the fact that I live in Missouri. That said, I am pleased to report that Dolphin Tale is anything but. It’s the story of a dolphin who gets caught in fishing nets—as dolphins do so often—and nearly dies. A middle-aged man and a young boy find her on the beach and report her to a nearby marine biology center, where she is taken in and cared for by a compassionate team of doctors.